Dewberry Web Logic

Dewberry Web Logic Private Limited is established with the goal of providing information web solutions for different communities in India. Dewberry motive is to grab the growing Indian internet market and help the online community in serving the needs of diverse audience across the country. The company was established way back in 2007 with the aim of creating Informational web products for different channels. 


Company’s mission is to empower people with information and technology, to improve their living. Company’s primary aim is to consolidate and organize information in order to make consumer’s life easy. Dewberry vision is to develop a user-friendly platform that provides an ordered and interactive flow of information.


Dewberry Web Logic Private Limited having Offices in Pune and Jaipur. The company launched its first project in January 2008. In the coming future, Company is also intending to venture in other consumer online services such as schools, jobs, restaurants, cinemas etc. Dewberry has got its reputation in providing right content, at right time and in the right format.


Dewberry Web Logic has grown aggressively from 2007. It's product has grown as the biggest educational portal in India. It is showing as one of the biggest YOY 100% growth.